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Whether you are operating as a corporation or as an individual, the ACWM (Adult Cams Webmasters) / XLOVECASH Affiliate Program is for you if you are interested in generating attractive income referring customers to our live entertainment platform.
We will provide your referred traffic with high quality live cams with great conversion and retention rates on our flagship platform
100,000+ Models registered on our platform and the average number of online cams is close to 500.
Introducing quality live cams to your visitors will add extra value to your website.
Joining ACWM / XLOVECASH is FREE and once your webmaster affiliate account is activated (usually in less than 24hours), you'll have access to your unique link codes, live webcam feeds, XML files that are updated every two minutes, XML parsing tools and many other promotional tools that will help you to take advantage of promoting the live cams.
ACWM / XLOVECASH offers advanced statistics with tracking capabilities per link so that you can easily identify your hottest links and strengthen those that you want to make more productive.

How does it work?

When a user/visitor clicks on any of your ACWM / XLOVECASH links, a lifetime cookie is saved on his computer. This lifetime cookie only helps us to assign that user to you as the referring webmaster in our database.
When a user/visitor decides to create a free member account registration and immediately or later purchases credits; the conversion will be credited to you at server level and will stay there forever EVEN if his ACWM / XLOVECASH cookie has been erased.
You get your marketing commission every time your referred customers reload their account with credits.
It's a known fact that adult live cams are a great way for many people to bring pleasure and entertainment to their lives, where they can fulfill virtually any reasonable erotic fantasy, without any risks or obligations, and even fantasies that are harder to get in real life.
Many users keep coming back on a regular basis, some for several months and others for years - spending hundreds and even thousands of Euros/Dollars during that time.
Remember, you will receive your marketing commission every single time your referred clients purchase additional credits.

ACWM / XLOVECASH Program Benefits:

Xlovecam (Live Platform Leader in Europe, specializing in European Traffic)

  • 35% - Secured lifetime earnings for all countries, except France, Belgium and Switzerland
  • 30% - Secured lifetime earnings for all French, Belgium and Swiss clients
  • 10% - Secured lifetime earnings for all referred webmasters

Fast and secure weekly payouts made in Euros, through Paxum, Monese, Webmoney or bank wire!
Minimum payout: 100€

Real-time stats and payments available through your account.

Contractual relationship:

By Becoming an Affiliate, you are providing electronic services to AC Webconnecting NV. You are engaging in a Business-to-Business (B2B) commercial relationship.

Our Promo Tools:

We currently provide our Affiliates two live cam platforms to market; and
The Live cam tools include:

  • Live Random Webcam plus Chat Simulator - customizable i-frame; Xlovecam and Xlovegay
  • Online models - customizable i-frame; Xlovecam and Xlovegay
  • Live Chat Tool - customizable i-frame for Xlovecam; this tool is available in more than 30 sizes plus some extra nice features; visitors are able to change live video size up to full screen
  • XML and RSS feeds Generators
  • Templated Site (WLC - Whois Live Cams) - is a php/xml/mysql application that can be used to build unlimited free live cams websites. WLC is SEO friendly, templates driven and 100% customizable
  • Live Cams Builder (LCB) - is the ultimate tool for creating fully customizable lists with online models. LCB is a php-xml generator that can be used either from your ACWM / XLOVECASH account or it can be installed on your own server.
  • HTML Pages - we offer a variety of premade html pages that you can use either for a landing page or as template for an website.
  • Pictures Gallery - a library with a high number of models webcam pictures
  • Basic banners - simple, animated, different sizes for all our sites
  • SlideUp PopUp - IM like notification popup - it comes in multiple styles
  • Text Links Generator

Stay tuned with ACWM / XLOVECASH, we constantly add profitable and innovative promo tools.

Important Referral Rules:

  • ACWM / XLOVECASH has ZERO tolerance for SPAM. Send traffic to the ACWM / XLOVECASH live entertainment platform in any way you want but don't spam our program or platforms (unsollicited emails, chat rooms, instant messengers, newsgroups and so on). Spamming will get your ACWM / XLOVECASH account immediately terminated.
  • Use of our links or promo tools in any site with illegal activities (also linking to/sending hits from sites with illegal illegal activities), containing but not limited to: underage pornography, warez, bestiality, rape, torture, etc., Your account will be terminated and all your funds will be forfeited.
  • Sending traffic to us using any form of adware/spyware technology - doing so will get your account instantly terminated.
  • Attempting to fraud our system by any means - we use advanced methods to detect fraudsters and these kinds of activities will result in account termination.
  • We know you like our platforms but please do not make exact copies or clones and represent them as the official sites.
  • Xlove, Xlovecam and Xlovegay are registered trademarks, You are prohibited from using our trademarked names within your domain name, e.g., or similar nor in another TLD (, etc.). You may use our name as a name for a file, e.g.,

Read the detailed terms and conditions of our service

Payment Information

  • Our ACWM / XLOVECASH Affiliates are paid in EUROs.
  • Our marketing commission rates are 35% lifetime on all countries except FR, BE and CH where your commission is 30% lifetime revs.
  • We also pay 10% on your referred webmaster's gross sales lifetime revs.
  • There are no set payment periods on ACWM / XLOVECASH.
  • You may create an invoice at any time you wish but you must have a minimum of 100 euros due in your affiliate account before creating an invoice.
  • Affiliate payouts are delivered by Wire Transfer, Monese, Paxum and Webmoney. Payments are sent every Monday.
  • Should chargebacks occur, they will be deducted from your earnings due.
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